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Welcome to Triple Arrow Nutrition, where I aim to provide simple and sustainable strategies and support around food choices, eating behaviors and lifestyle changes. I offer in-person visits in Missoula, MT and virtually throughout the state of Montana and Idaho.

Triple Arrow Nutrition

Through ongoing sessions, Triple Arrow Nutrition provides strategies and support to help individuals feel better about their food choices, eating behaviors and overall health. I like to focus on three components of care, aiming to set small goals around these targets. 

Love Yourself


At Triple Arrow Nutrition, I offer a unique service of connection that is based on intuitive eating principles. We help you reconnect to yourself by honoring your body's innate wisdom and physiology when it comes to understanding your food and body needs. Our service allows you to gain insight into your own self-care and gives you the tools to make positive changes in your life.

Healthy Food


I like to focus on an individualized approach to nutrition, tailored to a person's needs, lifestyle and goals. Taking a non-judgmental stance, individuals can discover what foods work best for their bodies, and provide guidance on how to create a sustainable, healthy eating plan. 

Balancing Rocks


Balance is a crucial component of nutritional wellness care. A holistic approach to nourishment means that we strive to achieve a balance between physical, mental, and emotional health. This component of care can be achieved through focus on blood glucose regulation, life stressors, relationship to food and movement, and more. 

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